Empty Nest

With 2 teenage daughters leaving their nests early 2015, Elsbeth & Cornel felt inspired to share their creativeness with the world in a more tangible way. They wanted to share the “happy while making”-feeling.

That is why they started:

empty nest logo on hellohartdotcom

                                                                                                                                                                                           empty nest kits and making announcement stitched 2

“Our Empty Nest brand was born of a common love for all things creative, and the life altering experience that making beautiful things have on both of us. This is now besides our shared experience of an empty nest……

empty nest what we love

We love exploring new ways of making and being creative and get so excited when we have some hot tea,  paper, yarn, stamps, paints and ideas to play with.

Our Empty Nest Making is a fresh experience for everyone who wants to add some sparkle to their creativeness.

Joining the Gentle Art of Making get-togethers is the perfect way for you to discover new concepts in paper crafting, crochet, knitting and embroidery and we are here to support your journey through gentle guidance and a genuine interest in your specific making style.

Our crochet classes will only commence in November 2016 as we are busy writing a very exciting crochet book due for publishing in 2017!

empty nest kits and making announcement stitched 2

We  look forward to share this journey with you and believe that life is just so much better when its handmade and spent together.

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