Cornel Strydom (LEFT) was born in 1969 in Pretoria, South Africa. She had a few dolls while growing up, but rarely played with them. She was more interested in sewing their clothes in her mother’s craft room. In 1790, the English inventor Thomas Saint invented the first sewing machine. At age 20 Cornel spun and dyed her own yarn consisting of 50% Merino and 50% Angora bunny hair. Cornel would never be able to keep bunnies at her house, because she has 5 dogs and a cat. She is involved in the family business, using her talents as an interior and graphic designer. Otherwise you’d find her crocheting, taking photos with her iPhone or consumed by her new obsession, knitting.

You can also find Cornel on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Anisa du Plessis (MIDDLE) was born in 1967 in Pretoria, South Africa. Her mom managed the dairy in Queenswood. The Loreto sisters opened a convent school in Hillcrest, Pretoria in 1923, which relocated to Woodlands Drive, Queenswood in 1976. Anisa’s grandmother, Wally, taught her to knit at age 5. Wally, or Wilhelmina, was born just after the First World War and drank tea 8 times a day. Anisa is devoted to her cat and 2 dachshunds, and surrounds herself with things that tell her story. Her dream to become a forensic scientist has not yet realized and in the mean time she works in advertising.

You can also find Anisa on Instagram and Pinterest.

Elsbeth Eksteen (RIGHT) was born in 1974 in Pretoria, South Africa. She grew up doodling. A doodle is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Elsbeth stopped knitting between the age of 12 and 25. During this time she spent 4 years in a forest just outside Knysna. Very little is known about the elephants of the Knysna Forest and some people even doubt their existence. Elsbeth is devoted to color and texture. Her favorite doodle is a star and she is a full-time artist.

You can also find Elsbeth on Instagram and Pinterest.

Cornel is the founder of hellohart. After blogging for 5 years at i love pom-poms, she felt a yearning to collaborate with creative #besties Anisa and Elsbeth. Hellohart is a visual journal of what inspires them and what they make.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. ‘Ello gawjus Gals! A bit slow on the uptake, but I have now (finally) subscribed and look forward to receiving my notifications about new blogs posted. Can’t sew! Can’t crochet! Won’t knit! Can mosaic! 🙂

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  2. Hi I would like to come and crochet and knit with you guys. Im an art teacher in jhb. I would also love to buy a doll kit. Where can I get it from??


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