Elephants in a Row


Cornel Elsbeth and I are in the final phase of writing our crochet book – it’s been a long road but an exciting one.  We are looking forward to the launch towards the middle of this year.  In between writing patterns, making each item and checking each individual pattern, I took some time out in December and I knitted a few items (I needed a rest from the hook) – just to break the monotony of only crocheting non-stop for a full year.

The break from crochet did not last long, a friend asked me in January if I would crochet a baby blanket for someone special.  Her brief was as follows: please use cream, brown and vintage blue and the theme is elephants.  So, having just designed patterns for our book I was all out of fresh ideas.  That’s when I consulted my Pinterest boards and found the cutest elephant projects.

I chose three patterns to make up this glorious baby blanket.  Using one of my favourite South African Yarns – MoYa Yarn (100% Cotton), I used the beautiful Crochet Starburst pattern  as the basis for the blanket.  With one exception, I made stripes part of my design.  The elephant motif is a design by Greta Tulner and its available to purchase on Etsy. 


The elephant border I found on Pinterest but the original video tutorial is in Spanish.  I watched the video quite a few times then wrote the pattern and tested it.    I hope you enjoyed making this crochet edging as much as I did.

Pattern Notes:  start your first row just after a corner on the completed blanket.  This pattern makes use of British crochet terminology.

Abbreviations:  slst = slip stitch, ch = chain, sc = single crochet, tr = treble

Row 1:   join your yarn with a slst, sc 5, ch 2, tr 3, ch 3, skip 2 stitches, tr 4, turn

Row 2:   ch 1 (is your 1st tr) tr 3, tr 3 in 3 ch space, tr 3 (10 tr in total), ch 7 and slst in 1st sc from Row 1, turn


Row 3:   sc 7 in 7 ch space, sc in 1st tr from row 2, tr 9, turn work so that the tail section is facing downward.  You will now be working on the edge of rows 1, 2 and 3.

Row 4:   ch 5, slst in top of last tr in row 1, turn work (tail will be on your left)


Row 5;   ch 3, tr 7 in last tr of row 3, sc in same stitch,

Row 6:  ch 3, tr 8 in the 5 ch space you made in row 4, ch 3, slst in last tr of 8 tr, ch 3, skip 3 stitches on base row and slst in 4th stitch.


Continue with your second elephant starting with the sc 5 from row 1 above.  Have fun! Is so cool to see how the elephants come alive as you go along.



I completed this project while away on our annual Valentines breakaway.  This year we went to the beautiful Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa, at the wild coast.  It’s truly an adventure for the senses, as the tastes, sights and sounds of this wonderful land touch your soul.  This is a place of real experiences that leaves a lasting impression.  In short, we’ll be back.



Oh, and before I forget some exciting news!  My favourite magazine will be back on the racks in March – the amazing team from Ideas Magazine have adopted the publication as their own baby and will be re-launching.  Isn’t that just amazing!!! And Cornel, Elsbeth and I have specially designed a few patterns for the launch issue.  I know for sure that paging through the Ideas Magazine once again will be a highlight for me.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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